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The Journey of “Private Moon” in Romania

“Private Moon” is a tale without fairies, but with the Moon and a Man. The man who, one day, saw the Moon falling off from the sky in the attic of his own house, hiding from the Sun. Having wrapped the Moon with warm blankets, he gave her a cup of tea and when she got well he took her in his boat across the dark river from where he returned lighting up his path with his personal Moon. And so he decided to spend the rest of his life with Her, proof of the fact that the Moon overcomes our loneliness in the universe uniting many of us around it.

As it will do between 16th of November and 31st of December in Cluj-Napoca, as part of the Lights On event. The “Private Moon” travelled in Romania in places like the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Victoriei street in Bucharest, Roșia Montană, Saint Mary Church, raising issues like pollution, deforestation, saving the Earth and greening. Lights ON will bring forward the tale of the travelling Moon in Romania through a photo exhibition.