The art installation created by the UAD Sculpture department students and ArtiViStory Collective is non-conformist and invites us to introspection. “Talk Socks” plays with re-dimensions and gives us a pretext for social activation of the community around themes found in everyday life, a personification of people’s typologies and their values. The socks are playful, but tackle serious matters, you might find them colourful by day, but even more magnetising by night.

The artwork takes the shape of a giant foot covered with a colossal number of white textile socks that are transformed through the power of comic strip and UV-reactive pigment painting, while becoming processual through our participation in generating stories to be collected by the artists. A series of friendly workshops take place during the exhibition in a creative exchange of socks between participants and the @talk_socks team.

UAD Sculpture department students: Maria Brîneț, Cristina Nițu, Gabriela Leu, Andreea Grigoraș, Roxana Csucsak, Ana Dimitra Avram, David Bandi, Codruț Ardelean, Alin Tănasă, Florin Marc, Teodor Buruiană, in coordination with conf. univ. dr. Septimiu Jugrestan and lect. univ. dr. Daniel Popescu. ArtiViStory Collective represented by: Alice Iliescu, Mihai Guleș and Adrian Buda, supervised by conf. univ. dr. Alice Iliescu (UAD – MA of Comics and Animation).


This project is part of the national cultural program “Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023” and is financed through the Grow Timișoara 2023 program, carried out by the Project Center of Timișoara Municipality, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

The Night-Art Festival is presented by George, the first smart banking.

Sponsors: Fan Courier, Iulius Town, ATP Motors, Pepsi

Project partners: Leeds City Council, In-Edu Association Timișoara, German Cultural Center Timișoara, Cluj Cultural Center, West University Timișoara, University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Polytechnic University of Timișoara

Communication partners: Getica OOH, Aushopping galleries, Kiss Fm, Euromedia,,, World Wide Print, Daisler Print House, Știri din România, Tion, Express de Banat, IQOOL, Zile și Nopți, Știri de Timișoara, NewsVest, Adevărul, TVR, Radio Timișoara, România Pozitivă, Best of Timișoara