At the beginning, the Tunnel was an expression of the path of initiation, but in 2020 it becomes a place of impossible meetings. A place where we experience loneliness and the fact that we cannot be with our loved ones. Allowing access through each free end, the Tunnel leads nowhere but to one’s own person. And the light remains a living part of everyone’s life.
The distance between us and others, even imposed by special circumstances, has a lot to do with our own definition. In order to be able to go through and overcome it, we need a deep reflection that must begin with ourselves, a reminder of what we are in essence, a rediscovery of things that help us go through the “tunnels” of life and restore our organic connection to the world.

Signed by Silviu Ciora and the Daisler Association

Located on Bulevardul Eroilor 

Supported by Betfair Romania Development

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The Tunnel light installation is supported by Betfair Romania Development, which invites us to rediscover it, in the light of the new meaning it acquires in this edition held in full pandemic, an edition whose theme is Solitude. And, at the same time, it invites us to think about the fact that, although it seems to lead nowhere (neither the Tunnel, nor this period), we have the opportunity to be face to face with ourselves, with light as a permanent living part of our lives.

Maximum length: 9 meters

Maximum height: 5 meters

Number of hexagons: 9

Maximum width: 5 meters

Total weight: 230 kilograms