Te aștept


2020 showed us that even when we thought we knew nothing, we still knew something. It showed us that the world, both inside and outside, can be more insecure than we could have ever imagined. 2020 was (and still is, still a little) a year in which everything was rewritten. Almost everything. Because some things never change.

Because this year in all maternity hospitals in the country access was allowed only to expectant mothers, not to future fathers or other family members, and because many of them stepped into these buildings feeling lonely, full of emotions and insecure, we thought that the most suitable place for the light installation TE AȘTEPT is at the entrance to the Gynecology 1 Clinic within the Cluj Emergency Hospital.

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For all future or new mothers who come here to see from the hospital room’s window a message full of hope. For letting them know that they are not alone and that the whole world is enjoying with them the bringing on this world of a new soul. And together, although each in a different place, we can make this world better. The light heals.

Signed by the Daisler Association & Adi Bălan 

Supported by BCR

Located at the Gynecology Clinic 1, Cluj Emergency Hospital

*it is located on a private property, so public access is not possible.