Social Sparkles


It’s quiet. Like when you don’t think about anything and you just stand. Or wait. You don’t see anything moving around you and you’re not moving either. You just are. 

You take a step. A word comes to your mind, then an idea, then your thoughts start flowing and they become full stories. After your first step the whole world starts moving and you notice that you weren’t alone. Everything moves at the same time as you and it almost feels like a dance. And you are in charge.

This is Social Sparkles. 

A sky full of lights that’s just waiting for you to live underneath it. It’s waiting, it’s waiting for you to be in charge. It’s like a choreography that you created together, the sky of lights will move together with you for every step you take. 

Social Sparkles reminds us that the whole world comes to life when we are alive and live in it.

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When we are moving, everything around us starts moving as well.

Don’t forget to move. 

Signed by Studio Toer

Located in Simion Bărnuțiu Central Park

Supported by Daisler Print House