This installation was named after the first known interstellar object to pass through the Solar System. It is said that it was like a messenger sent from the distant past to connect with us. Or maybe it is a messenger from the future who knows that we need some more light during these times and wants to lighten our days that seem pretty dark right now.

Whatever the case, Oumua spreads its 8 long and bright arms to us and wants to keep us together in the light. Together, but within a distance, each arm having a 6 meters length. We sit alone, but we know that a few meters away there are others as lonely as we are. 

And we smile at each other. 

From a distance.

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Oumua brings light through innovation when facing the unknown. Its abrupt lines reflect the courage of being a pioneer and shine during rough times, bringing the hope of a different future, one that is bright and colorful. Like a futuristic spider that creates its own web, so is the company that supports this installation, Wolfpack Digital, by developing web and mobile products meant to change the world. Its mission is to create a special work environment, one that feeds curiosity, creativity and ambition. Its power is to create light through innovation. 

Signed by Circus Lumineszenz

Located on Bulevardul Eroilor

Supported by Wolfpack Digital