Museum of the Moon


Or how we also call it, The Moon. It’s always there, sometimes it hides when it’s daylight, but in the centre of attention during night. The same as us, because we sometimes get lost in the crowd during the day, but when night comes it’s always just us with ourselves, staring in each other’s eyes. Or into our souls.

It’s the source of light when everything around us seems dark. It is said that there is a transformation happening when there is a full moon, but it is a transformation that we need when we need us to find ourselves. 

The Moon gets our mind thinking about solitude, but at the same time it reminds us that we are all watching the same Moon, no matter how dark it is. It reminds us that we are all lonely together.

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This installation is supported by ENEL Romania who wishes that the huge replica of the Moon and its energy will remind us about the natural beauty that surrounds us, and maybe to be more careful with it. While the beauty of the Moon fascinates us and puts a spell on us, we should look at the Earth with the same eyes.

Signed by Luke Jerram

Located in the inner courtyard of the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca

Supported by ENEL Romania