“The human brain, then, is the most complicated organization of matter that we know.” – ISAAC ASIMOV, writer, author of the well-known Foundation series.

200 billion nerve cells, that’s all the human brain contains. All these billions of cells are connected to each other by hundreds of thousands of billions of synapses. Your brain is probably trying to process these numbers now. Here’s something else to process: put together all the computers and routers connected to the Internet that currently exist on Earth – well, the human brain has more connections than all this. 

What happens to the synapses when we wake up in the morning? How about when we listen to a song? Or when someone or something amazes us? And, perhaps the most interesting thing to know, given the current context, how do our neurons come into contact when we are overwhelmed by fear?

Able to simulate the synapses that take place and the order in which they are realized, the interactive installation The Brain invites you to discover the way the human mind manifests itself when emotion intervenes in the game, be it positive or negative. What happens in the human brain when emotion intervenes? The interactive installation The Brain reproduces through animations, when a person approaches one of his four arms, four states: nostalgia, awakening, amazement and, perhaps most interestingly, fear.

In the digital age and in the global situation we live in, emotions remain as important as ever. To thrive in a constantly changing world, our emotional well-being is essential: the mindset, the way we build our resilience, and make time to be considerate and present. Technology, as a means of creating an experience, can help us explore our emotions and thoughts from a new perspective, in order to better understand them.

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ENDAVA supports meaningful interactions between man and technology by adopting the Cerebrum installation and invites us to believe in a future built on caring for our emotional well-being and the positive impact that innovation and technology can bring to the world.

All the electrical instances rendered by the lighting installation have been scientifically documented and provided by the specialists of the EEG Epilepsy and EEG Monitoring Center Cluj. 


Signed by 6th Sense Interiors

Made by the Daisler Association and Adi Bălan

Sequences and brain scans provided by the Epilepsy and EEG Monitoring Center Cluj


Located on Mihail Kogalniceanu Street