“As we breathe, so do we live and just as we live so we breathe.”

Breathing is the essence of our being. Most of the time, we do it automatically, unconsciously, but how often do we breathe consciously? Conscious breathing leads to well-being, to health. BREATHE light art sculpture invites us to take a break and a deep breath and, while doing so, to let the light take us. More than that, a deep breath could be the shot of courage that we need when we want to do something that scares us. It could be the exercise that keeps us calm when we are going through a rough time, helping us to take a first step forward. It is urging us to be optimistic and keep the light close when times do not seem so bright.

We are invited to take a moment for us, a moment to reconnect with ourselves. To breathe. 

In. And out.

This installation is supported by Sykes Romania, a company that wants to remind us to stay optimistic and not forget that sometimes the most simple way to stay strong is to take a deep breath and move forward.

Light Art Sculpture

Signed by Markus Anders in collaboration with Circus Lumineszenz


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Height: 6 meters

The breathing is animated in seven sequences of twelve seconds cycles. Each cycle consists of 4 seconds of inhalation, holding the breath and exhalation. While inhaling the nose, mouth, throat and chest are illuminated in blue followed by the organs and the rest of the body. This color is a symbol for the enrichment of the body with oxygen. During the phase of holding the breath all the organs that have been filled with oxygen blaze in warm colors. In the phase of exhalation, the body empties from bottom to top from light until it falls into darkness again.