2020 - Solitude Edition
One edition filled with hope in a time of darkness
2019 - Awareness
First edition beyond Romanian borders
2018 - Beginings
Lights On first edition happened in 2018


Between November 27th and December 6th 2020, the Daisler Association held the third edition of Lights On, one organized during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Main theme was Solitude, interpreted as a way of being in a good relationship with one’s self. 


9 Pieces that helped explain the solitude


International Light Festivals Organization (ILO)

In 2020, the Daisler Association was invited to be a part of ILO, joining some of the biggest and coolest light festivals in Europe.

The piece in Leeds

Following the huge succes of presenting the Mi-e Dor De Tine artwork in London in 2019, we presented another work as a loan to Light Night Leeds (UK).

Open-air artworks

Every artwork presented in 2020 was showcased in open locations, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Solitude Performances

In a year with no movies, shows or dances, we collaborated with young local performers that turned the light artworks into open air stages.

REACTOR support ticket

With the help of our friends from ACCESA we manage to sell 100 support REACTOR tickets, in order to support the local independent theater scene.

Local music featured in videos

Every video made for the 2020 edition featured local music from artists such as Kimera, Musspell, Baba Dochia, Blue Velvet, Positive John, FunKorporation or Diana Săveanu.



The second edition of Lights On took place between November 21st and December 15th 2019 in Cluj-Napoca. Main theme was Awareness and sub-themes were Environment, Architecture and the unique Relationship between Individual and Community.


Mi-e Dor De Tine, presented in London

Between November 7th 2019 and January 22nd 2020, the Daisler Association with the help of AROBS Transylvania Software presented the Mi-e Dor De Tine Artwork in Canary Wharf, shining a light on the big drama called the Romanian Exodus.

Norway Visits

Andi Daiszler, the founder of Lights On, and Daniel Popescu, the artistic director of Lights On, where invited at the first edition of OSLO FJORD festival and also met the organisers of Factory Lights Festival, through a RO-Cultural Romanian-Norway Collaboration Grant.

Gaia at the The Office

One of the most spectacular artworks from the 2019 was Gaia, presented in the state of the art building complex called The Office. It was the first time that modern art was hosted in the building.

Free tours offered to pupils from 4 schools

More than 100 young pupils from the schools of Iara, Dăbânca, Chinteni and Ciurila took part in the private free tours offered by the organisers and their partners.

The story of the Architect-Spider

One of the most impressive works of 2019 was the Architect Spider. Made by the Order of Architects - the Transylvania Branch. A manifesto dedicated to the way modern architecture devours the same spaces it should bring to life.

Hungarian, the third official language of the festival

2019 was also the first year in which we started communicating Lights On in three languages, Romanian, English and Hungarian, something that the local public requested since the first edition. Doing that we have become one of the largest events to do something like that.

2018 Beginnings Main theme: The Centenial


The first edition of Lights On happened between November 16th and 31st of December. It was one of the longest celebrations of light at European level.


Museum of the Moon in Romania

The Daisler Association presented for the first time in Romania the notorious artwork Museum of the Moon by British artist Luke Jerram. It was presented in the oldest baroque church in Transylvaia, the Holy Trinity Piarist Church in Cluj.

The light-art circuit

In stead of a festival, it was called the light-art circuit, because every night we offered free guided tours through our friends from Cluj Guided Tours.

You could take Private Moon home

The famous work of Russian artist Leonid Tishkov was lented for free so that anyone who wanted a cool picture could spend one evening with the artwork.

The farewell concert

More than 300 people attended the farewell concert dedicated to the Museum of the Moon artwork which featured songs by the Babeș-Bolyai Univesity Choire.