The light art festival

At the beginning, in 2008, it was the first edition. We fondly remember both the (winter) emotion and the excitement with which we hit the road, a road that brought us here, at the third edition. We are grateful to all those who helped us to be here, now. It’s time we’d take a trip down memory lane.

In solitude, man experiences moments of enlightenment -

Third edition 2020

An atypical edition in an atypical year. Solitude Edition invites the watcher to meditate on the big little difference between loneliness and solitude, and to realize that solitude is a constructive state of mind without which we would be in the same place and would not grow (emotionally and spiritually). It is the state of mind we want you to experience while you enjoy this year’s light-art installations and to discover new sides of the light and its strong healing power.

About edition

Second edition


“This evening I was especially in Canary Wharf to see it with my own eyes. I can’t tell you how strong the emotional impact was!” – Sergiu, participant


2019 is the year we turned on the light elsewhere than at home. The year in which the light installation MI-E DOR DE TINE was lit in Canary Wharf (London, England), and at home we lit ȘI MIE (in Cluj-Napoca) and TE AȘTEPT (in Bucharest). AWARENESS was the theme of the second edition and we have the feeling that most of us have become aware of the dynamics of the relationship between those who went overseas to find their place or make a better life and those left behind, staying at home. It was also the year we became partners of Factory Light and Fjord Oslo.

First edition


Wow, 2018, the year in which the first edition took place. What times! After 4 years in which the Daisler Association organized annually the Lights On contest, a competition dedicated to creative solutions and ideas for festive street lighting, it was time for Lights On to grow. This is how, with the theme CENTENNIAL, the first edition of Lights On, the light-art festival, took place, an edition entered in the collective memory as the “edition with the moon”. It’s about the touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram “Museum of the Moon”. The edition in which we knew that “the moon is the limit”.