Think of Lights On as a perfect way to discover your city, connect with modern art and support young and upcoming artists. It’s the perfect conversation starter when addressing the future.

Andi Daiszler – founder of Lights On

Lights On is a light-art festival that takes place every November/December in the city of Cluj-Napoca [ROMANIA]. Amazing artworks are used to help people discover hidden gems in their city, while placing art outdoors and reinforcing the message it brings to everyone.

Lights On is offered free to the general public because of the public and private entities that support this. Every year the festival tries to draw public funding and searches for private companies that can support this way or artistic expression.

It’s important to understand that art can change a mentality, a space and a purpose, that is why we try to support local artists in developing large outdoor works. Lights on often commissions works by local artists, offering them a highly visible stage where they can present their works.


  • in 2015 Daisler Print House proposed to the city hall a contest named Lights On as the first private contest in Romania with the aim of decorating a public spaces for the Christmas season. It was privately funded and architects, designers or artists could submit their ideas and a special designated jury would evaluate each one and select the best one. The city chief-architect would have a say in the decision, as would local photographers or designers, architects and so on. The contest was a huge success with the Mihai Viteazu Square acting as a canvas for the Snowball project. In charge of the project was Andi Daiszler, the marketing officer for Daisler Print House.
Snowballs in Mihai Viteazu Square
Forest Spirits
  • in 2016, the newly founded Daisler Association continued the contest. The Association express aim was the transformation of the city trough creative and cultural processes.
  • the winners of the contest proposed the Forest Spirits concept, that later on grew into the well know artwork on display in Museum Square or Matei Corvin street.
  • in 2018, the project also happened in Timișoara and feeling the need to have a more artsy approach, the Daisler Association also launches the light-art circuit for the first time. Among the international invited artists were Russian Leonid Tishkov, Palestinian Alaa Minawi or British Luke Jerram.
Red Sun - Leonid Tiskov

Since 2018, Lights On happens every year both as a light festival and as a light decoration contest.

Part of ILO

Since 2020 the Daisler Association is a proud member of ILO (International Light festivals Organisation), alongside fellow festivals like GLOW Eindhoven, Canary Wharf Winter Lights (London), Fete des Lumiere Lyon or Staro Night Riga. 

Being a part of ILO means that the festival will be promoted outside of Romanian borders.