Following a great 2022 season with presentations in Washington D.C., Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Timișoara, Constanța and Sfântu Gheorghe, the Daisler Association launches the 2023 open call for artists and works related to light-art. 

Call is open March through June 2023. Each artist can submit as many works as he/she chooses to, however they all need to be related to the general 2023 theme which is [Emotional] Reset. 



Budget for overall expenses in relation to a single project is limited to 15.000 Euro (shipping included) and expected projects should be already built and presented at other (similar) events. 

Please note that this is an open call organized by a private entity. Organizers have total freedom to select whatever projects they feel are suitable for their audience, based on an existent rulebook. 

Please note that so far we have confirmed festival dates for Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, but other presentations might also take into account submitted projects from this open call. Artists will be contacted individually for this purpose. 

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2023 Theme - [Emotional] Reset

Daniel Popescu, the Artistic Director of Lights On had this to say about the 2023 general theme:


„Generation after generation move beyond the normal borders in which the environment still made sense, reaching an area of confusion, uncertainty and unrest, filled with conflicted emotions, polarization, a constant fatigue provided by the society everyone is trying to get away from. Among many other things, 2020 had a groundbreaking effect on the global social tissue and the following years replicated the impact on the emotional foundation of everyone. Here we are, in such a need for stillness and tranquility, a need for understanding, a break from surrounding elements and in the ideal form, a general Reset.”
In the words of the Festival Director of Lights On, Andi Daiszler: 
„Lights On Romania proudly launches the yearly theme of [Emotional] Reset, aiming to detach our attention from the things that bring us uncertainty and shift our focus toward those elements that lift and charge us as individuals. 
Like a lighthouse in times of darkness, light artworks will guide us through our journey of self healing and acceptance. Through interaction, observation, through things that make us dream or through solitude or reflection, art can cure. And we want to show it through marvelous artworks.”

Two live meetings in Cluj-Napoca & Bucharest

Following the increase interest for last year’s first ever international open call for works, we decided to add to the open call two live meetings with Romanian artists or supporters of light-art. 
Both of them will be announced in time and will be free to attend to people interested in this field. 

One of the meetings will be organized in Cluj-Napoca, while the other one will be organized in Bucharest. Both of them will take place in the months of April and May and will be attended by Daniel Popescu – Artistic Director of Lights On – and Andi Daiszler – Director of Lights On. 

Review of 2022 Open Call

Last year, the first ever Lights On open call for works got almost 20 entries. Selected works for the Lights On festival included French artist Thomas Voillaume’s – Diva, Polish artist Artur Grycuk’s Balloomi and Aqua Olimpa, Romanian artist Teodor Buruiană’s Man in the world and the world within man and fellow Romanian Cristina Toadere’s Light & Geometry. 

The ILO Artist Database

As you already know, Lights On is a part of the ILO Network (the International Light Festival Organization), that deals with promoting light-art all around the world. ILO has one of the biggest artists database which serves as an inspiration for more than 30 light-festival organizers. 


We encourage artists to submit their work to the ILO artist database as well, by accessing this link


Please note that the ILO Artist Database is run and organized by the International Light Festival Organization and not by Lights On Romania. Any comments or inquiries should be directed straight to them. 



Call for works runs indefinitely for the ILO Artists Database, so there is no limited time frame.