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The Three Generations

Lights ON’s Photo Exhibition

Together. Because together we dreamt about it, together we build it, together we came this far and also together we want to carry on. But in order to do this, we need the ones that helped us to succeed. We are looking for three generations of the same family for an out of the box photographic project. We want to catch grandparents, parents and children in the same unique photography and to put together a wintery photo exhibition, one meant to celebrate the ones who contributed to our community’s development.

The photos will be taken by @Komiti at their studio in Cluj-Napoca, during the month of November  and the exposition will be displayed during December as a part of Lights ON event.

  • Single-parent families are welcomed and also families that lost members, but their presence has to be replaced by framed pictures (sorry for your loss)
  • It is essential the presence of all the three generations, in the traditional way or any other way that can symbolize that
  • Is it not important where each generation lives, but all the members have to be in Cluj-Napoca for the photo shooting
  • There is no financial award for taking part at this project, but we have a feeling that everyone will love the outcome
  • The photos will be publicly exposed in a place and at a date that will be revealed later
  • By your participation you agree with the fact that your photos will be used by the organizer only in the mentioned purpose and in the purpose of promoting this event  
  • At the end of the Photo Exhibition you will receive your photo.

Made with the help of Iquest Technologies.

You hereby give the organizer the consent to use your photo for the above mentioned purpose.

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