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Anca Stătică

The motion has the capacity to create an atmosphere, however the motion itself doesn’t have a material effect, but its passing feature itself animates the space giving it a new content. The traces are the attempt to catch in material the dance moves in their vitality, elan and grace, which often fade away before being seen during the execution. The only thing left is the perception. “Traces” is the meeting point of three moving worlds’ traces: the ones of the dance, of the artist as a shaper of the material and the ones we leave in the world, marked by the sand.

“It’s a human who dances while creating himself.” – description made by Tudor Grăjdeanu, 9 years old.

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We understand how important is to rise to the guests’ expectations and so we aim to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere every single time. And we also understand that in order to make our guests’ staying memorable we have to bring something extra, to surprise them and to give them the opportunity to have a unique experience in our hotel. This wish of ours, combined with one of our soul missions, the one to support the community, led to our involvement in Lights ON, by supporting the young artist Anca Stătică, along with her installation.

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