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Silviu Ciora
The Tunnel
Every step we take generates a Universe – of energy, color, joy, dreaming. Every step you take comes along with the responsibility of the things we create, with the trust that the new created path is the good one, and also with the responsibility of our actions. The only constant is you, the one who walks on this road, bringing your own energy. All by yourself, guided by your personal beliefs, the baggage you carry with you no matter what.

Now you are here, at the entry in the Tunnel, the light installation proposed by the artist Silviu Ciora. Such as the self-discovery journey, the Tunnel invites you to walk through it and to discover it by yourself, carefully choosing every step. But there is one element that will always take this road with you: the Energy. Because your best memories mean energy, because the energy means warmth and brings images to life, in your Universe and the one of others. Our own energy constantly sets us in motion, in the same way as the Tunnel light installation follows you step by step and recreates the self-discovery journey.

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Enel Romania, company which brings energy into our houses, supports this personal “energizing” and it invites you not only to discover the Tunnel, but also to enjoy the ride,  filled with good vibes. You have the power to create energy from your energy!