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Leonid Tishkov

Copacul Luminos

The Tree of Light created by the Russian artist Leonid Tishkov draws its fertility from people. The light that overflows its generous cupola strongly sprouts through its roots, feeds its leaves and transforms it only when the people give their time and energy. With deep roots in the ground, a plain and vigorous trunk and a head always pointed to the sky searching for the light, Leonid Tishkov’s Tree is the always evolving life itself.

Always regenerating, The Tree of Light forcefully defies the cold and the dark, teaching us, the humans, how to resist full of hope in front of the life’s challenges, how to always find our inner force and energy.

“If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.” – Hal Borland, American writer and New York Times journalist.

If we would welcome the company of trees, we would learn that the solid roots help us to don’t forget where we came from, we would understand that we have to let go the fear, to never be afraid again and we would start being grateful for each day when the Sun is up. If we would welcome the company of the trees, we would know that only with patience and consistency we can build meaningful and durable things.

Therefore, we invite you to shelter under the Tree’s corolla and to absorb its force, giving it a part of our time and energy. Let’s take the worries and the darkness out of us and to transform them into good vibes that illuminates and rejoices us. We can do this very simple, by pressing the pedals of the bicycles that watch the Tree. Come and give light!

Artwork powered by

A symbol of the continuity and verticality, in Leonid Tishkov’s Tree we find, in fact, the story of Moldovan Carmangeria Sânnicoară. A three generations family business with solid roots in tradition, Moldovan flourishes due to it, always being innovative and open to new. The artwork took over the visual identity and the beliefs of the brand and, in an original way, transformed them, reminding us that the things we do become solid if we do them with meaning. In the same time, in a simple and direct way, Tishkov’s artwork shows us that it’s in our power to keep the Light’s ON. For the future.