Me too

Created by the Daisler Association

Located at the Elizabeth Bridge, Cluj-Napoca

powered by AROBS

Missing you is the statement that facinates any Romanian’s mind and soul. But it is not enough. An adaquate response always should pierce the mists of time and space.

Just as simple as it is profund “Me too” is the logical reply to the displayed statement which we send further during these days in London.

The concept behind the message proposed by the Daisler Association is one that is extremely personal, triggering a wave of uncharted emotions in the hearts of those who have relatives, friends, or anyone close that is away from home.
We are here, we miss you, we are waiting for you. Us , those who during these days are looking at you from the distance, those carried by destiny in the search of a better life, opportunities for which you were not able to find at home.

We didn’t forget you, we will never forget you, a testimony of a people who looks back to each indiviual, a testimony which crosses beyond the country’s physical borders.

Thus, the dialoge between the two light installations creates a connecting point, at the very least a virtual one, between Romanians who remained in the country and those who have left.

“Me too” – Installation

Created by the Daisler Association

located at the Elizabeth Bridge, Cluj-Napoca

powered by


Și mie – instalație

creată de Asociația Daisler

localizată pe Podul Elisabeta, Cluj-Napoca.