I Miss You

created by Daisler Association

located in Canary Wharf, Londra

powered by AROBS Transilvania Software 

I Miss You.

In 2019 this message is more actual than ever. In 2019 the need of missing someone is bigger than ever.

“Mi-e Dor de Tine” is maybe the most beautiful declaration that Romanian language can comprise, also because the word “dor” is untranslatable. You miss someone/something when you’re not where you’re supposed to be. When you miss yourself, the one you used to be. When the moment you’re living is not complete. When you want to share your joy with someone.


“Mi-e Dor de tine” is something you should say when you feel it. It’s the message that AROBS Transilvania Software, a company with 100% Romanian capital, started 21 years ago, sends to all Romanians who left homeland to find their place somewhere else.
It is the message we are sending to the biggest Romanian community in Europe, through the light installation that will be at least a virtual union point between London and Cluj-Napoca, a virtual union point of the two biggest Romanian communities separated by life.


Îl transmitem celei mai mari comunități românești din Europa. Prin instalația care va fi un punct de reuniune cel puțin virtuală între Londra și Cluj-Napoca, între două comunități mari de români despărțiți de viață. 


“Mi-e dor de tine” – light installation

created by Daisler Association

powered by


Mi-e dor de tine

instalație creată de Asociația Daisler

localizată în Canary Wharf, Londra