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Adi Bălan
Untranslatable (aprox. translation I miss you)

One simple and powerful message that fills the soul and reveals our most sincere feelings.

Behind this message lies the human capacity to empathize, to remember, to be human. Or maybe even more.

We say I miss you to the ones we love, to the ones that are away, we say I miss you to the ones we cherish, even to things we lost, but do we say I miss you to the places we forgot, to streets, to bridges, maybe even cities? The Daisler Association said “I miss you” to The Potaissa Street when it transformed it into the Flower Market. We looked upon it with eyes wide shut because that was the only way we could trully see its potential. Now we borrowed the same symbol to Elisabeth bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in town, a deck between people, same as the feeling of Dor – the untranslatable Romanian word for missing someone.

Let’s find together the potential of each place. And after we have seen it, let’s open our eyes and realise we’ve been missing it.

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