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Alaa Minawi
hand in hand...

We are here. A generation of the present. We remember the past, live our stories in the moment and plan for the future. But “here” and “now” equally belong to those who walked here before us and to those who follow in our footsteps.

Our journeys started from where our predecessors arrived, from what they built, changed and made possible. We grow thanks to our own powers, but also due to the community that provided us with lessons, comfort and chances. Our “here and now” has been shaped by all the generations of the past and is the groundwork for the generations to follow.

“hand in hand…”, artwork of the artist Alaa Minawi, is a light installation about generations elevating each other. It’s about how we are connected across time by what we generously pass on and leave behind. We walk together. We set foot on steps that reach higher. One generation after the other, walking hand in hand.


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In the past 20 years, we have grown into a trusted software services and products provider for global brands thanks to the people who have built and continue to build iQuest together.

In iQuest, what makes way for amazing work is our community and our culture of collaboration, the way we generously pass on knowledge, experience and values.

We grow together. We learn, we create, we share lessons, building the path for our next steps. We write our own story, and this could not have been possible without the work of those before us and without the strong relationships in our community.

Bringing Alaa Minawi’s light installation “hand in hand…” to Lights ON is our way of honoring the role of the community in every individual’s growth and the role each of us has in giving back and creating the future for the next generations.