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Leonid Tishkov
Endless Light Column

homage to Brâncuși’s Endless Column

Constantin Brâncuși’s “Endless Column” sculpture, which transcends both the limits of the earth and of the reality, inspired the Russian artist Leonid Tishkov to create an artwork named “Endless Light Column”.

He wrapped up the “beads” in light, changed its appearance and so the installation will be a different kind of skyscraper of the city. Just like the original named sculpture “The column of the endless gratitude” was dedicated to the Romanian soldiers fallen in the First World War, the lights installation it’s a wave of light which brings on the shore the appreciation for the genius of Brâncuși, in the “Centennial” context.

“Contemplate my works until you see them”, the artist used to say, so we are inviting you to look the “Endless Light Column”…as a ladder to the sky and to let it anchor us in eternity.

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