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Cristina Pop-Tiron

Cristina Pop-Tiron is an artist and a researcher. With a background in fine arts and interactive multimedia, she found her passion in analogue photography and interactive performance art. Her creative art, practice and research is focused on the spectator’s interaction with digital installations. She’s interested in the invisible boundaries of interactive spaces as participants perform to explore the installations and become a part of them.

In 2015 she participated in the Cluj Never Sleeps festival in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), with the video interactive project “Unspoken words”. Later, she was part of several collaborative sound and light interactive installations, such as “Is that you?” at Electric Castle, Cluj-Napoca (Romania) 2017 and “Aurora – Connecting Senses” at the European Researchers Night, Växjö (Sweden), 2018.

During Lights ON, Cristina will exhibit “Dare”, an installation which comes to life due to our movements.