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Alaa Minawi

Alaa Minawi, Palestinian-Lebanese visual artist established in Amsterdam, is the author of “hand in hand” light installation which will tell the story of the three generations that are born during 100 years.

The artist has an impressive background in visual arts, being involved in more than 300 performances as a light designer, technical director, scenographer and even performer. He attended lots of theatre workshops both local and international, and also many festivals, during which he started to play on his own with various light sources and so this lead to a shift in his career, creating his own light installations. Among these, we mention “a piano in my pillow” (in collaboration with the pianist Vladimir Kurumilian), “beyond myself” (installation awarded at Amsterdam Light Festival), “my light is your light” (acclaimed internationally).

In 2015 “my light is your light” was registered in UNESCO “Year of Light” and in 2016 he was nominated for Best Light Art Award by “darc awards” (London).  

“Sharing observations” is his artistic statement and every artwork of his raise questions which don’t lead to answers, but to more questions. So, we invite you in this pursuit of willingly lost answers.

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