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Started as a creativity contest aimed to help decorate the public spaces in Romania through an open call in the Christmas period, the Lights On Romania Initiative also features a light art festival, since 2018.

The creativity contest started in 2015

and has since then been organized without exception every year. By now we managed to help iluminate places like Avram Iancu Square (2018), Heroes Boulevard (2017), Mihail Kogălniceanu Street (2016) or Mihai Viteazu Square (2015).
The resuls literally speak for themselves, especially if we add the fact that one of the most known light Artworks in the city came to life with the help of the Lights On Romania Initiative and was soon after permanently placed by local authorities in the Museum Square of Cluj-Napoca (Forest Spirits – Szoke Eszter and Tanczos Katalin – winner of 2016 Lights On Contest).
In 2018 the contest was first organized in Timișoara as well on strada Mărășești.
The creativity contest is only intented for the Romanian speaking Architects, Ingineers or Designers.

Light Art Festival

has been attended in 2018 by over 100.000 people in the six weeks period in which it took place in downtown Cluj-Napoca. Artworks made by foreign artistis such as Luke Jerram, Alaa Minai or Leonid Tishkov and Romanian artists like Silviu Ciora, Anca Stătică, Cristina Pop-Tiron and Diana Buga have been presented in downtown Cluj-Napoca, aimed to inspire night after night those who tried the guided tours hosted by Cluj Guided Tours or were just meerly passing by them.

These are just some of the things we helped happen in Cluj-Napoca through the Lights On Romania Initiative.

We know that light can have a fundamental role in changing a perception or mentality. By Lights On Romania this is what we try to accomplish.